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Wednesday Food News-Smithfield Farms, Asian and healthy product lines, Monsanto, How David Beats Goliath, Freezing to save money, Laurent Gras, and the Best Chicken

Posted by chefmax on May 6, 2009

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Smithfield Farms, the giant agribusiness hog farmers are now a force in Eastern Europe. From the NYT, the company that may allegedly have been the source for the outbreak of the current swine flu in Mexico. They are currently being investigated. Too many animals in one space and the overuse of antibiotics to facilitate the money saving features of packing in the animals into smaller areas. 

Food and Beverage companies are looking to increase their Asian and healthy product lines during current economy. From Food Nav, a smart move toward a more diverse portfolio of products that will have a broader health paradigm. 

From IOL, “Plantings of genetically modified (GM) maize in South Africa have increased dramatically, agriculture company Monsanto said on Tuesday.” Good bye Africa. The fox is in the hen house. 

This has nothing to do with food but I love Malcolm Gladwell and this is a great article. From The New Yorker. How David Beats Goliath

From the NYT, Freezing to save money. An article on cleaning out the freezer and using it the right way. 

Laurent Gras is doing it again. From the NYT, L2O in Chicago is gettting really good reviews. Nice touch points on culinary techniques being used with a twist.

Selecting the Best Chicken. From the LATIMES, an article on 14 samples from different producers. Good points and suggestions.

Have a great Wednesday!

Chef Max 5-6-09


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Tuesday Food News-A Flash in the Pan Launch’s, Monsanto, liquorice cancer fighter, birth of beer, High fructose corn syrup, gluten free pastas, and a very impressive list of Food co-ops, Health food stores, Natural Food stores.

Posted by chefmax on April 7, 2009



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From Mercola, High fructose corn syrup is making us very unhealthy. No kidding…

The birth of beer? From the WSJ, Lambic from Brussels may be the missing link of beer making and is an art that is disappearing.

Monsanto‘s roundup is proved to be a human cell killer even at very low levels of exposure. From Mercola, bad news, but the good news is there is a lot of it all over our GM foods. Wait, thats bad news too. EAT LOCAL and IN SEASON. Cut out HFCS products. 

Simplicity is the newest sells tact for food companies. From the Washington Post, Only simple ingredients and no frills are the ad companies suggestions these days for a population that is looking to simplify and needs comfort. 

From Confectioneryliquorice could potentially play in preventing bowel cancer. It is also an aphrodisiac so its win-win. 

Food Navigator has an article on the newest gluten free pastas that are being developed in Italy. Good heads up for what is to come.

Here is a cool list of 1630 Food co-ops, Health food stores, Natural Food stores from

Have a great day and let me know if you ever have any questions.

Chef Max 4-7-09

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Wednesday CRU-(Culinary Round up)-Monsanto ( cue the evil music), Chef Andrés 4 stars, Chef Secretes, Lemon Ricotta Hot Cakes, and Breakfast for dinner.

Posted by chefmax on February 18, 2009


Count Down to Launch of phase 2- February 23 at 12:01 am. 5 days left!

Now on to the round up for today.

Monsanto at it again- This time India and then Indonesia. From Reuters. This corn is suspect at best. The farmers that grow it in the U.S. do not even eat it. It needs to be processed for consumption.

4 stars for The Bazaar in LA. Chef José Andrés has hit gold in Los Angeles. Last November when I was working at the CIA event at Greystone Chef Andrés was just putting his finishing touches on the site. He almost had to back out of the event, which he was the keynote person for. I talked with him and he was really excited about this venture but also very tired. I am glad it is getting the attention it deserves. From the LATIMES.

Chef secretes for cutting cost. From SFGATE. Nice article. Not really secret though. Maybe I am jaded. Possible.

Lemon Ricotta hot cakes- Sounds good right about now. From the 4 seasons Hotel via .

Breakfast for dinner- What ?- Inside joke from one of my old restaurants. Anyway, from the NYTIMES, M. Bittan’s article. 

I will have a roasted leg of lamb recipe on here later today. Don’t touch that dial( or mouse)

Chef Max 2-18-09

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