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Monday Food News-GM corn,corn industry, World Wide Food Expo, cooking contest in the military,home cooking, and a chocolate bar that helps cure your acne

Posted by chefmax on March 10, 2009

Happy Monday. 

A cool cooking contest in the military. From the Washington Post.

From George Will at the Washington Post. An editorial on obesity as seen through the corn industry. Really, George Will is writing this. I know..

GM corn for experiments in Mexico. Well we sent them all the bad pesticides, why not GM corn. Very sad. From google/AP

From AdAge, home cooking is the next growing trend. I wish the economy was better but my company which finally launches this Friday offers culinary recipes/menus/ tips and timing for home cooks. I hope we can help.

I have never been to this food show but maybe this year. It is the World Wide Food Expo

A chocolate bar that helps cure your acne. Soon to be available in the UK. From- DAILYMAIL.CO.UK ,

Thanks everyone. I may miss a day or two Tuesday-Thursday this week. I will be in San Diego  as a representative from the California State Council of Developmental Disabilities Area 4 board. We are assisting in a first responders video training for Sheriffs/ Fire/ and Police. 

I will try and post from my hotel but not sure on the reliability of the internet or my time.

Thanks for understanding,

Chef Max 3-9-09


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Thursday-CRU-kids eating issues, UBUNTU, Crock pots, best canned tomatoes, top 10 wine questions, GM corn stoppage

Posted by chefmax on February 26, 2009

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Thursday-CRU-Culinary Round Up

Parents healthy food habits may give their kids eating issues. From the New York times, an article about lack of real conversation between kids and adults. I feel this country has a big disconnect on diet and health. There has just been too much bad info and ingredients out there and this confuses people. If you can not educate your child on the reasons that whole, fresh foods are better than a McD meal there is a breakdown there. The article states that the fear of bad food is what is getting through to kids. Answer: Better nutritional information in school!

UBUNTU-Fantastic Vegetarian Restaurant in Napa. We love eating there. Here is an article about it in the Washington Post. If you ever come to Napa, don’t miss this.

Crock pots are back… Didn’t know they left. Here is a good story from the LATIMES on their return. This would kinda of make a good zombie movie. 

What are the best canned tomatoes? SFGATE tasting team has rated what they though in this article. If you can’t wait until summer or you do not can your own.

This is a great article about wine questions. I saved it to my delicious account also. From the Wall Street Journal. 

EU is deadlocked on GM corn. Yea! From the International Herald Tribune.

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