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Friday Food News-Asparagus soup, food allergies, positive online buzz,TV as a vehicle, and rare single malt whiskeys.

Posted by chefmax on May 8, 2009


Only a couple more days to Mothers Day. We can help… 

Happy Friday.

Here are todays food stories. 

An article on one kids food allergies. From the NYT, Although we do not have the worry for death for our daughter Kira form her food allergies, she does suffer multiple food allergies that when she eats them she has horrible stomach issues for at least three days. No fun for any involved.

From SN, The rankings of supermarkets according to their positive online buzz.

Some Bay Area Chefs that are using TV as a vehicle to bring in business. From SFGATE, Elizabeth Falkner is very talented and I hope she beats some of the other Chefs that I have nothing to say about here. Cosentino is a good guy and is also talented. I am on a board with him and I like his humor. 

From WSJ, a tasting of rare single malt whiskeys. My first over-drinking event invlolved whiskey. I can not even smell the stuff without it causing my gag reflux to kick into gear. Not my bag. 

Asparagus soup recipe from ChicagoTrib. Great way to use up all of the tougher stems if you cook and eat the top tender shoots. I use to do asparagus soup at least once a week during this time of the year when I was back in the restaurant. 


Have a great Friday and weekend!

Chef Max 5-8-09


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Monday Food News-whole fish, sausage, food revolution, Whoopie pies, Fraud in the fisheries, food allergies.

Posted by chefmax on March 23, 2009

Happy Monday. Here are todays food news items that have caught my eye.

Making sausages-The easy way. From the NEW YORK TIMES. Another great resource is Bruce Aidells book on making sausages. 

Cooking with the whole fish. From NPR, a good overview of cooking a whole fish and a great recipe for Korean Roasted fish.

From 60 minutes to the New York Times, Alice Waters and the food revolution. Good 60 min. piece if you did not hear it. It is downloadable from itunes podcast.

Fraud in the fisheries? From USA TODAY. Just another free market being allowed to police itself. I am a capitalist but when you let capitalist run wild they will eventually screw you.

Seafood sausages???-From FOODNAV, hum… don’t really know what to say about this one.

Whoopie pies selling like crazy in Florida bakery. She also sells lots of sugar free pies too. Good for her. From OCALA.

African-American boys are most at risk for food allergies– says a new study from FNUSA

Have a great day.

Chef Max 3-23-09

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