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Monday Culinary round-up-Chocolate cake, chocolate bark, hot chocolate, chocolate soufflés, and a few trends for 2009, and a martini or two. You had me at chocolate…

Posted by chefmax on February 9, 2009

German Chocolate Cake –JSONLINE – with a touch of a southern draw. German chocolate cake is not German?

Dark Chocolate cherry bark- From the Oregonian  

Hot Chocolate with coconut milk instead of dairy from The New York Times I think I am going to try this one today. It sounds interesting.

Chocolate soufflés -again from the New York Times a twofer today, way too go NYT. Don’t be afraid to try these. Soufflés are a crowd stopper and are not that hard to make. Whipping, folding, and timing are the secrets. Yea, I hear ya, just try it.

Trends from Media post news  -Ethnic foods (all food is somehow ethnic, I have always been bugged by this term in food. I am seeking council.) This article also talks about the decline in organic foods based on budgets. Also, health concerns over ingredients. HFCS watch out. (Watch King Corn if you want to see what is happening with our corn industry.)

Martini anyone? From the Washington Post. Going back to the originals.


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Friday Culinary Roundup- Onion soup, King of Cheese, Arginine, 10 Healthy foods, and free yogurt.

Posted by chefmax on February 6, 2009

From Arginine-rich foods may help fight obesity.

Parmesan: king of cheese?? From the Telegraph Good case for the putting parmesan as royalty. It is up there for me, maybe not King. Duke, Prince maybe. But I can not think of a cheese that I could put at the highest level. Lots that I love , this requires more thought.

Onion Soup– Because it is cold today and this recipe sounds good. From the Times of London

10 Healthiest foods that you have never tried. From ABCNEWS. (Video) I have tried them all. I do agree with the thesis here though. It is all about balance. The 10 foods are not that strange. Brazil nuts, quinoa, kiwi, not very surprising. Canned salmon?  Still a very long and informative article.

Free yogurt (in Scottsdale Arizona only) on February 14th from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. to every guest. From QSR

Have a great weekend,

Thank you for following,

Chef Max 2-6-09

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Thursday Culinary Roundup-Fasting, Slow Food, Healthy Mexican cuisine, dessert wine AND Chocolate walking tours..

Posted by chefmax on February 5, 2009

Is fasting a good idea? LA TIMES  Not a good idea for Chefs though. We need you to eat…

Slow Food Founder message for hope in this economy. I wish this had more resonance in this country.

I knew this would happen adventually- Healthy Mexican food- from AJC

Dessert Wine– Yes thank you. This is more of a beginners article on dessert wines but always good info.

Chocolate walking tours. How about that for Valentines? From CNN

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Wednesday Culinary roundup-More 2009 food trends,

Posted by chefmax on February 4, 2009

Food trends for 2009 – From Reuters . Custom Foods ( like A Flash in the Pan ) Alternative sweeteners, Food Safety, Recession diets, Food nanny state 

Food scares do little to affect eating habits. Scary on its own. THis is why these companies play the margins. If we don’t care, they won’t care. From Washington Post

7up to add antioxidants to their cherry flavor soda. Hum.. From Drug Store News

New york restaurants swallowing their arrogance. They need you! From New York Times

Good overview on Radicchio-SFGATE

Happy eating,

Chef Max 2-03-09

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Tuesday Culinary Roundup

Posted by chefmax on February 3, 2009

Culinary roundup for February 3, 2009

From the New York TImes Doctors maybe misdiagnosing  food allergies. “More than 11 million Americans, including 3 million children, are estimated to have food allergies, most commonly to milk, eggs, peanuts and soy. The prevalence among children has risen 18 percent in the past decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the increase appears to be real, so does the increase in misdiagnosis.” *-By TARA PARKER-POPE

From Nestle chairman says food prices will raise because of lack of credit for farmers. Also, cocoa is at its highest price since 1998 and coffee is up 8%.

From Cargill company ( the biggest company you have never heard of) started a “slaughterhouse leftovers” division and sales are already up. They sale tongue, head and oxtails. Yum.

From the Grocery Manufacturers Association  This is their newly released white page on High Fructose Corn Syrup. My this ingredient sounds safe and tasty. Wasn’t there something recently about possible Mercury contamination in HFCS? Nothing in here about it so you may have to look here or here . For the industry rebuttal go here. I fell safer already.

And to end on a sweet note- 6 Restaurant Desserts from the bay area. Cheesecake in a jar and several back to basics ideas.

Chef Max, 2-3-09

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