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Thursday Food News- CRU-Fish Taco, Fish Farms, food safety, 13 Weird Fruits, National Nutrition Month, North Carolina BBQ.

Posted by chefmax on March 19, 2009

fip_logo_hiresThe new shopping list function is now working and we are testing all of the functionality. I am being told soft launch this weekend. Breath held…

Thursdays food news,

Fish Tacos- From the NewYork Times, Yum. I spent a big chunk of my life in San Diego and discovered fish tacos there. This article does a good job describing the technique and options. No real recipe though. I will have to post one later.

From Reuters, Kellogg’s CEO faces congress on food safety. He says he is for annual inspections of plants. Only once a year?? If this worked like it should the plants would have the same schedules as restaurants and be unscheduled. 

13 Weird Fruits and Vegetables from ABCNEWS, These are not that weird but if you miss theme, here is an overview.

Fish Farms, good or bad? From the Chicago Tribune, This is a positive article that states that fish farms can and should be a very good thing. They say that the farms will get better and our a very positive way to develop seafood. Waiting to see…

March is National Nutrition Month– From,

North Carolina BBQ– Yum, yum, and more yum. From the Christian Science Monitor, If you have not had NC BBQ you are missing something. Good overview of this culinary treasure.

Have a great Thursday,

Chef Max 3-19-09


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Wednesday Food News- CRU- Psychics, lazy cooks, Too many Chefs, More chocolate,Lard is back, and almost perfect chicken.

Posted by chefmax on March 18, 2009


Wednesday Food News

Culinary Roundup-CRU

Products for lazy cooks. From The Guardian, all kinds of time/ energy saving products for the home cook. Energy efficient? 

More chocolate in restaurants. From QSR, a story that is kinda a no brainer. Add more chocolate to your menus restaurants. Chocolate sales!!!

Too many Chefs in New York. From the New York Times, this story is about the glut of high talent Chefs in New York City and the changing cooking environment. They say this may be the next bubble to burst. Good thing I am a Chef…

From the Arizona Republic, all you need are Psychics and a good happy hour to save your restaurant.

Lard is back, and it is a crowd pleaser. From The Wall Street Journal Magazine. You can buy it through the mail.

The almost perfect chicken. From The Washington Post. Thomas Keller roasted chicken. 

Have a great day,

Chef Max 3-18-09

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Monday Food News-Food safety, Mushrooms and green tea, the right to good food, rating package foods, can’t live without tools, and using the checkout technology for recalls.

Posted by chefmax on March 16, 2009

alltop-badge1Happy Monday and welcome to todays Culinary Roundup.

Should good food be a right? Alice Waters thinks so. From CBS News. I do think she is right, especially  if our tax dollars are underwriting the corporate food structure. 

A cool rating site that is a database for rating package foods. From SFGATE, They have an iPhone app that is very helpful.

Rising star Chefs in SF and what they can not live without in the kitchen. From SFGATE

Food safety with our President. From The Washington Post. The cleanup continues for the new President, or as Rachel Maddow say’s “wash, rinse, repeat.” Good start.

Mushrooms and green tea may lower breast cancer. From Reuters

Using the checkout technology to help with recalls. From LATIMES, this seems like it should already be in place. Why are they only thinking of this now? At least they are now thinking about doing it…

Hope you have a great week,

Chef Max 3-16-09

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Friday-Food News-CRU-Probiotic yogurt, hurting Organic dairies, childhood obesity, Monsanto’s Bt Cotton Kills, and the history of Chocolate

Posted by chefmax on March 7, 2009

Happy Friday.

Next week is a big week. I have the launch of my companies phase 2.  I am in San Diego consulting on a video series to help train first responders about special needs people. I have a State Council meeting in Sacramento at the capital and we are meeting with our congress representatives. And I am working on something that has the possibility to be absolutely amazing and life changing. Fingers crossed and good prayers and away we go…

Take a bite out of childhood obesity– Goto the Organic Consumers Association for great information and ways to make your voice be heard.

Monsanto’s Bt Cotton Kills Soil as well as farmers- Again from Organic Consumers Association

The keeper of the guide, Michelin that is. From the Timesonline, 100th edition 

Economy hurting Organic dairies in Maine. From the Bangor daily news.

Probiotic yogurt helps digesting… What did they think it was going to do? From Reuters UK.

The history of Chocolate at the Smithsonian Museum this weekend. From CBS NEWS

Talk to you all Monday,

Have a great weeikend,

Chef Max- 2-6-09

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Thursday- CRU-Food News-What does Compostable vs. Biodegradable vs. Recyclable really mean, Orgain, Cosco and BJ’S are doing well, new ideas on sampling, farmers markets, Fast Casual, Peapod

Posted by chefmax on March 5, 2009

alltop-badge#16 ALLTOP FOOD

Thursday- CRU-Food News

Welcome to Thursday’s Culinary Roundup (CRU). It is becoming an interesting week. We are close to launching phase 2 of A Flash in the Pan. It is taking sooo long but it is looking really good. Thanks to everyone for their patience. 

What does Compostable vs. Biodegradable vs. Recyclable really mean? From QSR– A decent explanation of the three “green” packaging containers. Also a roundup on what McD has done with their packaging. Kind of depressing that companies use the terms but really do not do what they say they do. 

Orgain is developing a meal replacement drink. Enough protien to not need meat. From DrinksBusiness, they may need to look closer at their name. Do you want to drink liquid “Orgain”? Makes me think twice

Cosco and BJ’S  are doing well from their food sales during the current economy. From Google/AP. Is this just people stocking up for the Armageddon? One pound of celery salt, check, 50# of dried onion rings, check…

Some new ideas on sampling. This article has some very though provoking ideas on how new products could get into a group of people for exposure and feedback. It gave me a couple ideas…From Promo.

Great idea for all farmers markets. From

What does Fast Casual mean in your area. From Fastcasual. This seems to be a no brainer and I wonder why there is even conversation about it. The only thing I can think of is the suits spend too much time thinking up items that they think are comfort foods but ignored that it would not translate to every region. I also do not agree that new flavors need to be put on the back burner until the economy changes.

Peapod is adding a healthy ideas program to their offerings at the stores. Great step-From Progressive Grocer.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Chef Max 3-5-09

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Friday CRU-FDA funding from Obama, Pomelo, Peace love and Chocolate, Uncle Ben’s Boil-in-Bag Whole Grain Brown Rice,Caffeine may kill off some skin cancer cells.

Posted by chefmax on February 27, 2009

alltop-badge1#16 on ALLTOP FOOD

Friday CRU-Culinary Roundup


From Reuters, FDA funding from Obama. We are waiting to see…

Peace love and Chocolate, From Berkshire Eagle, Wish I lived closer. 

We can not wait 45 minute with a rice cooker so now we have Uncle Ben’s Boil-in-Bag Whole Grain Brown Rice. From Brandweek. Buy a rice cooker and then you can do this without losing any goodness. It is so easy and you do not have to worry about the chemicals that they use to make this product cook faster.

Heres a question I have all the time… What can I do with this Pomelo I have in my kitchen. Thank you WSJ!

Good info on out of date foods. What should you do. Use your senses. Just because the date is off does not mean the product is. But be careful. From JSONLINE

Good job Kettle! From JSONLINE, Kettle foods is doing the right things.

I love studies that reinforce my addictions- Caffeine may kill off some skin cancer cellsFrom MSNBC

Thank you for hanging out with me today. Have a great weekend.

Chef Max 2-27-09

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Tuesday CRU-removing HFCS, Buyers reducing green spending, SA artist in the vineyard, Marion Nestle on peanut butter, and small treats.

Posted by chefmax on February 24, 2009


Tuesday CRU-(Culinary Roundup)

Major labels removing HFCS from their drinks. Is this the start of something good? From WCBSTV.COM

Are shoppers not buying green because of lack of green? From QSR and report on the economy hurting the green industry

Secretary Vilsack signs in country of origin rules. COOL Rules. From Progressive Grocer

South African vineyard- an artist in the vineyard- From the LATIMES

A great conversation with Marion Nestle on the peanut butter issue. From SFGATE

Small treats and micro priced items keep us happy during this economy downturn. From USA TODAY.

Have a great day and eat well.

Chef Max 2-24-08


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Monday- CRU- baby you got a stew, White house kitchen tour, Cinnamon, funny cocktails, Molecular gastronomy in Peoria,free Kraft mayo, 8,000 new chocolate products.

Posted by chefmax on February 23, 2009

Monday- CRU-(Culinary Round Up)

You gonna throw that bone away? Add some water to this and baby you got a stew”…( Carl Weathers-Arrested Development)From the New York Times, It is always best to make your own stock and it really is not that hard. Another benefit is that it makes your house smell great and you know exactly what  is in your stock.

The White Hoouse is already more transparent in is first month. A very cool tour of the Kitchen with oour first lady. From the NYTIMES

Cinnamon increase blood blood sugar levels. This is probably why it is a good aphrodisiacs. From Nutraingredients

Some funny cocktails– From The Wall Street Journal. Just a nice distraction for the heavy stories of the day.

Molecular gastronomy in Peoria… Yea, I know. From The Wall Street Journal. 

Would you like mayo with that?- From the In-store-Marketing Institute, free Kraft mayo at Meijer when you buy Oscar Mayer meats. 

More than 8,000 new chocolate products have been introduce in the last 12 months. From Marketing Week. I think they may need some testers, any volunteers? 

Congratulations Slumdog Millionaire cast and crew. Great movie.

Chef Max 2-23-09

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Thursday CRU-Trans Fat, Exercise, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Sweeteners, Cool idea, and Future Food

Posted by chefmax on February 19, 2009

Thursday CRU( Culinary Round Up)

Confusion on Trans Fat. A story from Reuters Feb. 17. Fast read and gives you a small amount of good info for trans fat. Only 21 percent of people asked could name three items containing trans fats. This study was from 2007 so we may be smarter by now. Really, we might be.

Exercise but do not reward yourself for it. Study in the USATODAY states that we may overestimate the amount of calories you bur and then consume extra calories because you think you deserve it. 30 minutes on the elliptical lets me have only around 300 calories. So much harder taking them off then putting them on. I wonder how many calories I am burning reading about burning calories.

Artificial Sweeteners– Good or Bad. This article out of the WashingtonPost covers some of the older and newer artificial sweeteners. I always feel that the closer to the way it is suppose to be the better our bodies use it. We do not know the long term effects of alot of this stuff and they have become ubiquitous within our food supply.

Cool Philippines hot chocolate. From Asia one travel, chocolate de batir. I wonder if I can use my molinillo.

Cool idea by line cook Myint in the Mission district. I think we will see a lot more of this type of creative cooking and venues as the economy does the voodoo that it is doing. From SFGATE

Future Food, from CNN HEALTH, Designed around the vitamins and minerals that you need personally. Kind of like tailor-made dinner. 

Thanks for coming by,

Chef Max 2-19-09

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Wednesday CRU (Culinary Roundup)-chocolate and Sea Salt, Valentine’s Day wine,Rick Bayless,Chocolate confusion, and a chef named Gargouillou

Posted by chefmax on February 11, 2009

Today is a cold rainy day in Nor Cal and I have been recipe developing for Perfect puree all day. I am sugared out. Here are todays culinary stories. Sorry they are a little late. 

Cool story of Gargouillou– must read if you are a real foodie. From the New York Times.

Garlics health secrets, beside vampire reduction, From Health Day. A little vampire weekend is good too.

Chocolate infused dinner– From the Wall Street Journal – Chocolate stuffed veal chop. Sounds more like “confusion” to me, I’m just saying. I judged a chocolate contest one year outside of Yosemite and one of the contestants shaved white chocolate on a pepper soup. He one one of the medals. It went well, and was not offensive. Close to a mole profile but not quiet. The next year everyone did a savory dish with chocolate. Scallops and chocolate (thought it was a banana-yeach). It was horrible and everyone watched to see your reactions. 11 savory dishes with chocolate that had no culinary rhyme or reason.  I did not go back to judge the next year. 

Good cost saving article by my friend Rick Bayless in The Edge, Boston Herald  The tostados are to die for.

From the Washington Post – Brachetto d’Acqui, good wine for Valentines Day ( except for the low in alcohol part.)

chocolate and Sea Salt tasting- From the Detroit News  They chose a a company called Charles Chocolates in Emoryville, Calif. My very good friend Dylan ( we were in cooking school together at the CIA) is now the Director of Chocolate at Fran’s Chocolates. It is his moms company( he is also very talented so the family thing is just a good coincidence.) Anyway Michelle and President Obama are big fans and their chocolates rock. Get them if you can.

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