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About this Blog or (“why the hell should you waste your time with me?”)

Chef Max Photo by: Rocco Ceselin, BRPACIFIC Inc. E-mail:

           I have started this blog to add my voice and insight into the culinary conversation.  I feel we are all in this together and we need to pull all our ideas, voices, and resources together to create a better society. Food is a great conduit into all of our avenues of life. Here are the ten reasons I feel I can/ should do this blog.


  1. I feel I bring a unique insight into the convergence of food and culinary topics , entrepreneurship, social conversation, wine, sustainability, and politics.
  2. I love food and people who share my passion.
  3. I want to help cure the world of Autism, Diabetes, and ignorance. ( “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”-Lao-tzu)
  4. I promise to post at least three times a week with relevant topics. I may get a little lost sometimes but I count on you to straighten me out.
  5. My way is not the best but my most educated guess at the right direction.
  6. I have great connections and doors that are open to me.
  7. I love information and technology. ( Cue Kip Dynamite)
  8. Obscure film, music, and popular culture references.
  9. I like all sides of the conversation and can find truth and manipulation in a sea of noise.
  10. I will live this life to my full potential and adhere to the golden rule.

Thanks for your precise time and companionship.

Chef Max-2009

Follow me at Twitter

Follow me at Twitter


A great menu planing service!

A great menu planing service!






6 Responses to “About this Blog or (“why the hell should you waste your time with me?”)”

  1. Jennicricket said

    aawwh worthy of a follow : ) But do not bot me a thank you or I will unfollow. You can catch me at

  2. What a cool site you have here, Chef Max! You’ve caught my eye on Twitter which has brought me to this honest and insightful read. Your site is well worth the time. (Your photography is also well done.)


    • chefmax said

      Thank you Leigh. Your comments are always welcome. Please let me knwo if you ever have any culinary questions. The site is only going to get better. I have only just begun.
      Thanks for spending your time with me,
      Chef Max 3-4-09

  3. Impressive info about you — candid — humorous.Obviously a man worth following.

  4. Out of the Kitchens! Into the streets! Viva la revol….

    nevermind, the kitchen can be a nice place to be too.
    Just writing to say I love the blog. Great info, great voice and very engaging.

    Keep it up, I’ll continue reading and linking.


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