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Todays Food News-5 things servers will not tell you, Michelle Obama’s food message is working, cool celebrity cook book , hate cilantro, and Banning of HFCS.

Posted by chefmax on April 14, 2010

Hello every body…How’s about a little food news

If you hate cilantro it may not be your fault. From the NYT, by Harold Mcgee. A really good reason why you may not like cilantro… your brain thinks you are trying to poison it. According to Professor Mcgee, if you keep trying it in low grade amounts you will develop a taste for it. Makes sense. Remember the first beer you had or fist sip of Cabernet. My brain told me that it sucked then it learned that I was not trying to poison it and allowed me to acquire a taste for the nectar. Ha, the jokes on my brain, it is a form of low grade poison.

A very cool celebrity cook book that I have never seen. Recipes form Helen Keller, Salvador Dali, Katharine Hepburn..Very cool, must find it. From the NYT by Florence Fabricant.

Food company are responding to Michelle Obama’s message of health in food. From Bloomberg, by Kate Anderson Drower. Sugar and sodium contents will be reduced by some of the biggest producers of junk foods. From Pepsico inc. to Kraft Foods Inc. they are responding to the soft pressure of the White House. Good for them. Step by step. Thank you Michelle.

Banning of HFCS in New York, Can it happen? From Food Nav, by Caroline Scott-Thomas. It is a long shot.

New Huffinton post section on food. Good for you Huffpo! From HuffFood, by Divya Gugnani. The 5 things servers will not tell you.

-I agree with the 10 minute walk in at the the end of the night.

-The fruit in the drink was wrong in the places I have worked. We always washed the fruit for garnish. It is true that it is usllay the least talented cook doing the prep on this item.

-Fish on Monday can be true depending on where you live and what kind of restaurant it is. if it is a seafood restaurant near the coast they are getting fresh stuff all the time. It is still fist in first out. Tuesday is a more dangerous day since it is usually the slowest and the Chef may try to get through without new product.

-Restaurant’s do remember you. Tip well. Now with new reservation software they can really remember everything about you.

-Bar nuts. You are on your own with this one. Doesn’t Alcohol kill germs?

Hope you have a great day!

Chef Max


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