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Friday Food News-Improving School Lunches, Monsanto (again), LA’s farmers markets, and acylamide.

Posted by chefmax on September 4, 2009

DSC_0395The picture above is a look at my tomatoes. I have 15 plants with 4 varietals. They are producing some very yummy fruit tis year and I think I am going to make a sauce tonight for dinner out of some of them. Yum…

A look at the opening of Chef Rick Bayless new restaurant. From the Chicago Trib. If you want to see pictures of the trip to Mexico I took as an assistant for Chef Bayless just check out my Flicker account under Mexico. It was a very cool trip.

Monsanto and their image. From  the Gaurdian, By Fred Pearce, an article on the green washing and water usage of the company Monsanto.

Improving School Lunches By Alice Waters. From Huffington Post. A very good read. What are we waiting for????

LA’s farmers markets map. Cool.

Do you want to know the timeline for acylamide? From Food Nav. By Caroline Scott-Thomas.

Have a great weekend.

Chef Max 9-4-09


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