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Thursday Food News-State of the Culinary Worlds Future, White House Farmers Market, turnover in restaurants, hidden toxins, and brownies.

Posted by chefmax on September 3, 2009

Thai Basil in my garden

Above is a picture of Thai Basil from my garden. I love it in curries, pastas, salad rolls, and with garden tomatoes.

From Grubstreet NY, By Ben Leventhal, A great question and answer article on the State of the Culinary Worlds Future. This is a cool article asking questions of some great minds in the culinary world.

9 hidden toxins lurking in food. From Mercola.

Obama and his White House Farmers Market. I am sure there will be a death panel involved some how. Maybe they will sell Soylent Green. Alert Glenn Beck!!! From OCA, A serious article on the FDA and President Obama’s promotion for local foods.

The turnover in restaurants in New York. From the NYTIMES, By Florence Fabricant. The restaurant business is one of the hardest adventures that one can undertake. It is soooo volatile and back breaking and has a very small profit margin. You can do everything perfect and have a great following but if a new spot opens up down the street, you could lose a big percentage of your cliental over a period of weeks maybe months. The margin is so thin that if something like that happens, you could lose staff, not be able to pay purveyors on time and start cutting corners. The quality then goes down, you get a bad review and welcome to the death spiral. Been there. Not pretty.

Boudin Bakery’s brownies. From LATIMES, By Noelle Carter. I liked the picture and it made me hungry for a brownie. Here is their recipe for their brownies. Time to go preheat the oven.

Have a great day,

Chef Max



One Response to “Thursday Food News-State of the Culinary Worlds Future, White House Farmers Market, turnover in restaurants, hidden toxins, and brownies.”

  1. Nancy said

    You could easily make those brownies gluten-free by substituting rice flour for all purpose flour. I’m jonsin’ for a fudgy brownie…

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