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Wednesday Food News-Farmer Joel Salatin, Schrute Farms for real, Local Food Hub, preserving this year, and Chocolate and the concept of Zero.

Posted by chefmax on August 26, 2009

Just sitting at my desk waiting for a call back from My Web Grocer a possible strategic partner for our company A Flash in the Pan. They set up all the functionality for grocery stores e-commerce sites and we fit in perfectly with our menu planning service. We could send our customers to their member sites for fulfillment. We can contact all these grocery stores ourselves, and we have started with Raley’s who is interested in us, but it would be much more economical to work with My Web Grocer and share some of the wealth. We will see. Any way onto todays food news.

From Chelsea Green, A really good article on the farmer Joel Salatin and what his philosophy of farming is. If you have seen FOOD INC., Joel was the farmer talking about sustainable farms while he was cutting up chickens. He seems like a great guy and has a very strong understanding of biomimicry.

Schrute farm anyone? From NYTIMES, By Kim Severson a story about how to go a be a farmer for your vacation. I hope Mose will do his carving demo for us. $300 a night to wake up early and milk a cow? Would you do this?

I was just thinking about this the other day. A broker between home/ organic farmers and companies that produce products for schools or senior living facilities. Cool article by Jane Black for the Washpost. This company looks like they are doing a great job and it is a non profit. The company is called the Local Food Hub. There are a couple more in the article.

I am really interested in preserving this year,well not the year exactly, but the harvest. This is a story from the LATIMES, By David Mas Masumoto. No recipes but a great story. I can almost taste the raisins myself.

Here is a nice article on the 10 Maya foods that changed the worlds eating habits. It is by Christine Delisol and is at SFGATE. You got to listen to the guys that brought us Chocolate and the concept of Zero.

Time to move along. I need to revise the revision of my business plan. The life of an Entrepreneur  is so glamourous.

Write to you later,

Chef Max 8-26-09


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