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Thursday Food News-World Culinary Contest, Blue fish, nutrient spked foods, Piri-Piri sauce, comfort food

Posted by chefmax on August 20, 2009

Cream Brulee Class

Hi EVERYONE. I have been in several meetings and seminars this weeks and have been inspired and motivated to bring more content to you. I will be writing a few articles and I am almost done with a series that I am going to include in this blog. Also, we will be launching or flash in the pan blog connected to our website. My post from here will appear there along with unique postings regarding the weekly menu sets and my partner Nancy will be posting her series of blogs also.

I am about to turn up the heat and get you tons of information. Lets look at todays food news story.

Sales are strong for nutrient spked foods and drinks. From AP, By Marilynn Marchione. This is a good article but I do not like the term “overnutrition” which Lichtenstein says is the biggest problem in the US and refers to too many calories. I agree that this is a big problem but by labeling it “overnutrition” I can see a backlash similar to the global warming label. Markleters could start using this term to demonise the very idea of nutrition especally if there is a danger of “overnutrition”. Keep nutrition as a positive word. I know it is semantics but look at all the current fights in the political environment and it is all semantics and scare tactics. There will be a continuing push for healthier products and possible taxes against junk foods so there will be a fight.

From the NYTIMES, By Sam Sifton, a great article on the Blue fish. Fun and full of facts. Thank you Sam.

This weeks Inside Scoop from SFGATE. The US has a great team for the World Culinary Contest. This article list out the Chefs, who are all from northern California Restaurants  who are in Taipei starting today. GO USA!

Piri-Piri sauce recipe from Portugal via the Chicago Trib. By David Leite, a very good article with recipe for this spicy garlicky condiment. Great with grills and to satisfy the need for something hot and tasty.

A study on the common connection between comfort food and crisis. This study at Food Nav. says that this belief is completely unfounded.  I do not think they are right with their hypothesis. What do you think? I think I will post a survey on this today.

Off to work out.

have a great day.

Chef Max 8-20-09


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