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Wednesday Food News-Michael Pollan, Bacon gone crazy, Chef Ann Cooper, Cutting cost, food stamps, Whole Foods, and from Pasture to Plate.

Posted by chefmax on August 12, 2009

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I am working on a couple project right now so the food news is sparse for a few weeks. This just makes them less watered down.

Bacon gone crazy. From Huffpost. As my daughter said when se saw this,” That is crazy!” ”

If you have not read Michael Pollan‘s article in the NYTimes Magazine  here it is. Very interesting. One of the reasons we started A Flash In The Pan was to help get people back into the kitchen cooking again.

Chef Ann Cooper and Whole Foods team up to change the way school lunches work. From Yahoo, Chef Ann is a great cook and I have had the privalige of working with her on a conference. I know Ann will be a very strong factor in changing the way schools do their meal programs. Thank you Chef Ann.

Cutting cost with education from culinary schools. Fro the WSJ, a timely article on how individuals and culinary companies are going back to school the learn the basics and save money with the results.

Are food stamps encouraging obesity habits? From Foodnav, by Caroline Scott, an article that hypothesizes that food stamps may be incouraging consumers to become obese. Interesting. I do feel that farmers markets should take food stamps and that they should not be used for soft drink products.

Whole Foods has been pressured into selling more organics. From OOCA.

Here is a cool little on line tool to see what impact a plate of food has on the environment. From Pasture to Plate.

Thanks for stopping by today and I will talk to you Friday.

Chef Max 8-12-09

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