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Friday Food News-Truck Farm, peppers, food safety bill, slaws, Julie and Julia, and August wine events.

Posted by chefmax on July 31, 2009

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Truck Farm by the guys who brought us King Corn. I am a fan of these guys and this is a very cool video series so far. Great idea.

A good article on peppers form Nola, By Judy Walker. Nice video demos and some recipes at the end of the article. Worth your time if you want to learn some things about peppers.

From the NYTIMES, By William Neuman. An overview of the new food safety bill.

From LATIMES, By Noelle Carter, an article about slaws that can be used as side dishes or dessert?

A food bloger hits the big time. From SFGATE, By Miriam Morgan. An article about the blogger who spent a year of her life cooking Julia Child’s recipes and writing about it. The new movie Julie and Julia is based on this.

A guide to some wine events posted by the WSJ.

Have a great weekend,

Chef Max 7-31-09


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