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Wednesday Food News-Julia, green food resolution, school gardens, Tomatoes, Fat tax

Posted by chefmax on July 29, 2009

ewg-pesticidesI have shared this before but I think it is a great little chart of what vegetables and fruits are lower in pesticides. Eat more goodness not pesticides. Buy organic in the Dirty dozen category. Happy Wednesday.

Now on to todays food news.

Chicago is the first city to pass a green food resolution. From NYT, By Jennifer Lee. New York is looking to pass something similar. This is interesting because it may push the change in the school lunch programs around the country. Good for you Chicago.

Here comes the Julia stories. From the AP, By Holly Ramer. This is an article on the influences that the TV personality Julia Child has created. I met her twice, once at the Culinary Institute at Greystone and at her birthday in San Diego where I got to help make her cake. I will write about that in a future blog.

Another story about Julia from the Washington Post. By Robin Shulman a review by some of Julia’s friends that are gathered together for a private viewing.

The new push for school gardens. From the LATIMES, By Krista Simmons. Very good article on the progress that has happened with the school garden programs. Very cool!

Georgeanne Brennan has a very good article on Tomatoes in SFGATE. Recipes and a list of local Chefs favorite tomatoes. Well worth keeping this one.

Fat tax? Here is a report on the possibility of taxing of “fat” products and using the money to underwrite healthcare. Interesting hypothesis. From Food Nav, By Caroline Scott.

Off to SF to have a meeting about A Flash In The Pan and hopefully a little Slanted Door nourishment.

Have a great day,

Chef Max 7-29-09


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