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Mondays Food News-Better Junk Food, dairy innovation, iced coffees, Canning safely, and Food Nanotechnology.

Posted by chefmax on July 27, 2009

This is my garden a couple weeks ago. I am going to post some recipes from the products in my garden as I move into the next couple of months.

If you are looking for a niche product to manufacture the Swiss are encouraging more dairy innovation. From DairyReporter, By Jess Halilday. With the increase of seniors/ baby boomers, this article talks about the need for more products with calcium for this population. Maybe instead of Red Bull it could be Geriatrics Juice. Just an idea.

From SFGATE a really good article by Marion Nestle on Better Junk Food and the upcoming issues that are developing with the new “Smart Choices” labels.

Watch your frappuchhino intake. From the Guarding, by Denis Campbell. This is an article on the increased cancer risk and way too many calories form iced coffees.

Canning safely. From USATODAY, By Kim Painter. Do not take any chances! This articles has some great resources for the first time food preserver.

Food Nanotechnology. From, By Carolyn Y. Johnson an article on the next wave of science in the food arts arena. Removing fat but not taste and mouth feel. Can they do it?

Thanks for joing me today and I will talk with oyu later.

Chef Max 7-27-09


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