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Friday Food News-Healthier Kids Trend, Pot luck, farm fresh ingredients, global sandwiches, ice cream in SF, food and wine dinners, Earth:The Biography.

Posted by chefmax on July 24, 2009


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Now lets move onto todays food news.

Kids menu items and products are starting to follow a healthier trend. From R&I, an article on some new healthier products being offered. A small example but some encouraging numbers.

Pot luck anyone? The sign of the times for our economy is an article on pot luck dishes on the NYT front page of the food section.

New companies that go to farms and get farm fresh ingredients. From the WashingtonPost, By Emma Brown, a great article on new companies popping up to service tis niche.

LATIMES, By Linda Burum, global sandwiches. Good new overview of several sandwiches from around the world. There are some very yummy sounding ideas here.

If you are going to San Francisco here is a pretty good list of ice cream places in the city. Also some home grown ice creams that are only availible in stores. From SFGATE, By Lynne Char Bennett. I would also add Citizen Cake Patisserie to the list. When Chef Elizabeth Falkner has ice creams there they are delicious.

A small list of food and wine dinners from the WSJ. Not very much info here but it is interesting where and how much they are.

California’s next food problem. From FoodNav, an article on how Climate change may devastate the states fruit and nut industry. Not that we have any other problems in California. I wish the deniers of climate change, (I know they are moving to the denying that it is human caused or influenced) would just get out of the way if they are not going to help us slow or reverse the impact on the earth. Frankly I have been in LA were the smog would cause my lungs to burn. We have an impact. A great documentary series from the BBC is the Earth:The Biography. It shows how are earth came to be and how the current systems works and why what we do may change it for a very unknown future. If you still have doubts after you watch it, then you will not be influenced.

Have a great weekend,

Chef Max 7-24-09


4 Responses to “Friday Food News-Healthier Kids Trend, Pot luck, farm fresh ingredients, global sandwiches, ice cream in SF, food and wine dinners, Earth:The Biography.”

  1. Heidi said

    I’ve just voted for you, good luck, and hope you had a great weekend as well!

  2. rdugonnaeatthat said

    Wow, I’m quite impressed he amount of info in your posts. Just started an NC based food blog and think your blog will be a great resource.

    • chefmax said

      I am going to be posting more recipes and topical content on my blog coming up soon. I have been working more on our website and we are getting close to some very cool strategic partnerships. Thanks for you kind words and support.

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