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Friday Food News-Gluten Free Ice Cream, Pro-biotics, more attractive salads, Mediterranean vegetable pie, Fresh local Bartenders, and the new FDA.

Posted by chefmax on June 26, 2009

Melted Chocolate BitersweetCooking this weekend and a couple really cool opportunities have opened up. Fingers crossed….

Now on to the news.

New Gluten Free Ice Cream sandwiches now to be sold at Whole Foods. From SFEXAM, by Tiffany James. A tasty sounding product for everyone that gluten is a problem for.

Customers still do not understand Pro-biotics. From Brandweek, by Stacy Straczynski. It is completely understandable that customers do not get the reason that they need to eat foods with pro-biotics. It is an education. I do like pro-biotics but it seems better to take them separately rather than in a product. Heat can change them and if there is any acid present it could effect the effectiveness.

From foodproduct, by Allen Susser. An article on how to change your salads to be more attractive. Nice and comprehensive. Well worth your time.

A healthy Mediterranean vegetable pie. From the NYT, by MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN. A nice article with recipe for a tasty sounding vegetable pie.

Fresh local Bartenders. From USATODAY, by Tina Dirmann. An article of how bar tenders have been moving toward items like Chefs.

Some good talent moving back to the FDA. From THEPACKER, if you are interested.

Thanks for coming by today and have a greet weekend.

Happy birthday Jordan!!!

Chef Max 6-26-06


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