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Tuesday Food News-Hazelnut feed pork, science of desire, Healthy summer grilling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chill-able red, and Garden Herbs.

Posted by chefmax on June 23, 2009

ALLTOP FOOD-FeaturedSorry for the break. Been a little busy searching for a job. I am over qualified for some and not in the big corporate machine for the others. Anyway, enough of my mumbles, here is todays food news.

Hazelnut feed pork is very tasty. From the Oregonlive, The movement to change flavors with real food not genetic engineering is a very positive step. It cost more at the moment but the price will come down as farmers start planting the nut trees on their properties. I know that the famous Spanish hams are feed on acorns to achieve their flavor profile.

The science of desire for foods. From the NYT, by Tara Parker-Pope. I new book talking about the triggers of foods on our brains. Good info and possible diet ramifications.

Sauvignon Blanc– a cooks friend. From Sommlier and Joyce Goldstein. A really good article on my favorite white wine to pair with food. Chef Goldstein wrote this. She used to be the Chef for the Wine Spectator Restaurant at Greystone where I worked. She is a fantastic Chef and a great person.

Healthy summer grilling. From Pilot, Watch out for the HCAs and the PAHs. Don’t know what those are, then you need to read this.

Garden Herbs and the way we cook. From Chron, by Kathy Huber. A nice herb article. No not that herb.

Chill-able red?? From the WSJ, by Dorthy J. Gaiter and John Brecher. I poured in Malibu one time and it was 90 at the beach. No one was drinking the Cabernet. I put it in the ice and everyone loved it. Here is an article that agrees with me.

Thanks for playing today. See you tomorrow,

Chef Max 6-23-09

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