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Monday Food News-FOOD INC., chicken economy, 13 great summer cheeses, barley, Midi in SF, Basil varieties, gag rule on soda.

Posted by chefmax on June 15, 2009

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I missed you all last week. The video shoot for the first responders went very well. Some of the scenes were hard to watch, too close to home, but I feel we got the Autism message across. San Diego in June is always overcast but still beautiful.

Now onto todays food news.

The new chicken economy by Pete Wells, from the NYT. An article that explores a $35 chicken. The way we think makes causes us to make some interesting choices.

NYT review of FOOD INC. I am looking forward to seeing this. I am a fan of these guys and the message needs to get out about the way we are feeding ourselves. Every time some tax or regulation is proposed in congress some politician says it is going to hurt family farmers. Reality is that capitalistic greed was the downfall of the family farmer and it is capitalistic greed that has been paying mouthpieces to dupe the general public. Cancer, diabetes, food allergies, asthma, and countless other diseases are the outcome of what we are eating.

13 great summer cheeses. From Domenica Marchetti at the WSJ. This is a very good article of 13 cheeses broken down into ways that you can use them. Good descriptions and pictures.

A nice article on barley from Tara Duggan in SFGATE. Tasty sounding recipes at the end of the article.

A good review from Michael Bauer at SFGATE for the restaurant Midi 185 Sutter St. (at Kearny), San Francisco. The review has a great detail of ingredients and is very tasty sounding. From the words that Michel was using within the article, I expected a better review. 2.5 stars out of 4.

Basil varieties form SFGATE, By Jane Tunks. Some good info. Nothing really about the different varietals. No pictures. Ok recipe.

The USDA is being pressured to reverse Bush era gag rule on soda. From CSPI, why was this there in the first place. The Bush white house was the best government money could buy.

Those are todays stories that caought my eye. Have a great day.

Chef Max 6-15-09


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