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Monday Food News- SPAM, French need to eat more ice cream, Blueberries, fermentation, Chervil, apricots

Posted by chefmax on June 8, 2009


Sprouts for my garden this year. Current pictures to follow.
Originally uploaded by Chefmax

This is going to be a good week. Still working on our website A Flash in the Pan. Lots of free subscribers but need to get everyone to see the value of the membership side. I will also be in San Diego for the final days of filming the POST video for the California first responders for Autism. It is a great project that came out of the Autism Blue Ribbon Committee and Senator Steinberg‘s office. This is to help first responders identify and deal with Autism on their emergency calls. 

Well, here is todays food news. Enjoy.

SPAM advertising, the canned meat not canned emails. From Brandweek, a story from Elaine Wong on the current advertising of Homel’s culinary icon SPAM. The point that grabbed me was the figure of $13 million they spent in 2008 on advertising that they spent on SPAM. Wow. 

Unilever is targeting the French to get them to eat more ice cream. From the Guardian, via Reuters, those French just do not eat enough ice cream. That is very un-American of them. 

Hold on to your Blueberries, they are headed for a great year. From the NYT, by Phillis Korkki, the only blue North American fruit are getting great press and the outlook on the crop is very strong. I think I need to make some more recipes. 

From SFGATE, by Tara Duggan, an article on fermentation and pickling around the world. 

Chervil, the happy herb. From the guardian, by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I am growing a lot of chervil this year. I love its soft flavor and its bright green high points. It is a great sub for parsley. Nice overview article. Recipes and a list of ten things to do with Chervil.

It is going to be a light year for apricots. From SFGATE, by Jane Tunks. Just a heads up.

Have a great day,

Chef Max 6-8-09


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