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Friday Food News- Gluten Free Dairy Free menus, the Culinary Society of America, sausage making tips, food truck revival, and making the best burger.

Posted by chefmax on June 5, 2009


A Flash in the Pan will be launching our NEW Gluten Free/ Dairy Free Menu June 12 . This new menu set joins our other options of anything goes, no red meat, healthy kids and quick menus. Come check us out today.

The Culinary Society of America has a new Culinary Bite now available. This is a great organization that you will be seeing a lot of in the very near future. Sign up for the letter today. IT IS FREE.

From RI, Chefs sharing sausage making tips. Good info.

Making the best burger. From, a good overview of tips on making a great hamburger. 

Food truck revival. Form the WSJ, a great trend to bring great Chefs to the streets.  

Heading back to the farm. From NYT, a trend of young successful couples moving back to start farms.

Have a great weekend,

Chef Max


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