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Wednesday Food News-Curing the best hams, Probiotic Chocolate, Cupcakes, spice blends, teen activism, aiding animal services, and New kitchen gadgets.

Posted by chefmax on June 3, 2009


Peruvian Potatoes with candy smoked salmon creme fraiche.

A great article by HAROLD McGEE from the NYT, on curing the best hams. The new progress is going back to basics and letting nature do its thing. Like everything else in the US we have change the ways of nature to fit our supposed needs and financial expectations. It is a great thing that farmers are taking back control from big agriculture and bring the lost arts out of the past. 

Callebaut releases Probiotic Chocolate. From Confectionery, the new line of chocolate with health benefits.

Cupcakes and their renewal in popularity. From the LATIMES, Did they ever go away? By Mary MacVean.

Some good spice blends from the Chicagotrib. An artilce by Noelle Carter on basic spice blends. Recipe and tips.

Baskin-Robbins promoting teen activism. From Marketing today, a good thinking marketing plan that helps everyone. 

Bruster’s ice cream aiding animal services. From Courier-journal. More positive marketing and community involvement.

New kitchen gadgets. From

Hope you have a great day.

Chef Max June 3, 2009


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