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Tuesday Food News-Xtreme Eating Awards of 2009, GM Foods, healthy lifestyle, ConAgra, comfort in Italian Food, economic times.

Posted by chefmax on June 2, 2009



GM Foods, from Food Nav, are not catching on with consumers. They are going to have to sneak it in and pay off the watchers. Maybe they need a name change… Black Water is available. 

Xtreme Eating Awards of 2009-From CSPI, A list of very bad food that you can buy at your favorite chain restaurant. At some point the industry is going to have to take some responsibility. 

Fewer Americans are following a healthy lifestyle. From Reuters, by Amy Norton. After the story above I am not shocked to see this one. It is so much harder to do what is right then what is wrong. It takes strength and discipline and a sort of deprival that is disappearing in the human race. I have a hard time with this myself but we always have to move toward the better and not beat ourselves up when we loss focuse. Its for life.

ConAgra is pushing its products to change their image. From, a report by Emily Fredrix describing the changes that ConAgra is doing to shin up the brand and head off industrial push back. 

Seeking comfort in Italian Food. From The NYT, an article by John Tagliabue that shows that the financial crisis in Zurich has been a boom for the Italian restaurants in that city. 

Adjusting to economic times. From SDUNION-TRIB. How San Diego restaurants are dealing. 

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