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Friday Food News-Affordable steak recipes, rib, new FDA, 129 sins, farm direct tech, foraging, eggs, Kaiser and the farmers market.

Posted by chefmax on May 22, 2009

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Happy Friday on this long Memorial Day Weekend. Hope you have a great BBQ family meal planned. 

Meet the new FDA, same as the old FDA. New FDA is looking like the old one. From USATODAY, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn has been critiquing the new FDA saying that it sounds like they are just using buzz words that the last administration used. Just the pure fact that the lead lobbyist for big business is not in charge anymore is a good step, but we can not just let this become business as usual.  

Changing the way Chef’s can buy farm direct. From Wired, a great insightful article by Alexis Madrigal on new technology helping connect the Chef to the farm in a very cool way.

129 sins at La Bernardin. From the Startrib, a big list on no no’s. Cool.

McDonald’s is looking into helping produce eggs more humanly. From SunSentinel, If this is true then it is a good thing. 

Nice rib article by Sam Sifton of the NYT, a video but I can not find a recipe. I need to read it again. 

Affordable steak recipes and cuts form the Washington Post. By Tony Rosenfeld, a pretty good overview of cheaper cuts and how to deal with them for grilling. Anyone  referencing Harold McGee gets my attention.

Kaiser and the farmers market. From the LATIMES, a good article by Mary MacVean on the effort that Kaiser Permanente is taking by putting farmers markets in their parking lots. Dr, Maring is doing a great job and we are looking to be in a strategic partnership with them and our company A Flash in the Pan

Finding your food. From the WSJ, an article by William R. Snyder on foraging. Nice.

Have a great weekend and BBQ somthing up with the familly,

Chef Max 5-22-09





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