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Wednesday Food News-10 craziest diets of all time, Home made ginger ale, 33 of the healthiest foods, study honey bees, and Sriracha.

Posted by chefmax on May 20, 2009

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33 of the healthiest foods on earth. From David Murdock in the Huffington Post. This list is from the Chairman of Dole so it is a little slated to fruits and vegetables. Although Dole has a pretty bad tract record on employee treatment and pesticide use this is still a good start list.

Home made ginger ale popping up at restaurants. From the NYT, an article by Micheline Maynard. No recipe but a good overview of the trend.

From  SFBUSINESS, Häagen-Dazs has given U.C. Davis and Penn State $250,000 to study honey bees. Good for them. 

Sriracha, one of my favorite chile sauces. From the NYT, Very nice article by John T. Edge on the producers of this secret culinary weapon. From pronunciation to Chefs that love it, this article covers a lot of ground.

10 craziest diets of all time. From Elle, (it happens)10 diets including the Master cleanse, grapefruit, baby food, sleeping beauty, and tape worm diets. Oh yea, love the candy diet that was named Ayds. When you go to this link, the article is below all the advertising and links. Just scroll down and you will see it. 

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Chef Max 5-19-09


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