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Thursday Food News-Longest running restaurants, “Local” Lays potato Chips, Aebleskivers, Foamed Pizza, Osteria Stellina, 13 strategies for shopping a farmers market, and are Cheerios a drug?

Posted by chefmax on May 14, 2009


A great menu planing service!

A great menu planing service!

A FLASH IN THE PAN menu planning service. Give it  try.


Longest running restaurants in the US. From Business Week, a report on the oldest continuously run restaurants in America. I would hate to clean out their greece traps. 

From the NYT, “Local” Lays potato Chips? Really guys? Written by Kim Steverson, a nice article about the abuse of words. 

Aebleskivers, yum. From the LATIMES, written by Reinhard Kargl and Yuko Kitazawa, a very delicious danish pastry with its own special pan.  

From LATIMES, Foamed Pizza? Ferran Adrià from El Bulli is going to take on pizza. Can he make it better or just different?

Great little restaurant in Point Reyes. Osteria Stellina. From SFGATE, a great description of the menu. I am hungry for it right now. 

From the Chicagotrib,13 strategies for shopping a farmers market byMonica Eng. This speaks to my Virgo traits but I do not think I can be this organized. Good ideas to shoot for though. 

Are Cheerios a drug? To make the health claim that they lower choleterol, General Mills has one week to tell the FDA what steps they are planning to  take to correct its product marketing. There is a new sheriff in town. Thank goodness. From Food Nav



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