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Monday Food News-#13 on ALLTOP FOOD, spring onions, The flavors of Spring, French macaroons, improving food safety, coffee , and no stupid tariff on French Roquefort.

Posted by chefmax on May 11, 2009


Hello everyone. Hope you had a positive Mothers-day Weekend. I cooked Nancy a rotisserie chicken and some ricotta gnocchi. Then I let her beat me at Trivial Pursuit ( which we played until 1:45 am. Not smart) 

Welcome to Mondays food news, here we go.

Welcoming in spring onions. From the Guardian, an article  Nigel Slater reports on some great ideas on what to do with these wonderful alliums(recipe).

 The flavors of Spring. From the NYT, Mark Bittman writes about using morels and asparagus to create a great spring dish(recipe). 

French macaroons in San Francisco and the bay area(recipe). From SFGATE, a story of these cookies by Stacy Finz. Nice report.

Food and Beverage industry is happy with the way President Obama budget recommendations for improving food safety. From Progressive Grocer, I am not sure if this is good or not. When big business goes along with government recommendations are the recommendations strong enough? On its face this is a very good thing for the general public. I think the last 8 years have made me very skeptical of the relationship between politics and industry.

Another study suggesting coffee might be good for you. From Boston, an article speaking on the possible positive effects of drinking coffee. Mostly observational, but I will take it. 

No new tariff on French Roquefort. From Foodnav, the U.S. has delayed the proposed Bush Administration threats to raise tariffs on EU products by as much as 300 percent unless the EU increased its import on American Beef that has been treated with growth hormones. The EU has agreed to increase beef that has not been treated and the U.S. has agreed to drop the stupid threats. 

Have a great day,

Chef Max 5-11-09


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