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Monday Food News-Reality TV, Gluten Free cereal, new (fabricated) beef-cuts, review restaurants, The French, and FDA’s new mobile lab.

Posted by chefmax on May 4, 2009

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Hello everyone and happy Monday!!! Yea I am faking it too.

Here is todays food news;

From Reality TV to reality. From the NYT, the real fall out from being on Top Chef. Good or bad?

General Mills is finally expanding their Gluten Free cereal options and some new veggie products. From, there will be several more items out in the market place that are Gluten Free. It was one of the biggest increases in products at the last Fancy Food Show. This is good news.

The new (fabricated ) beef cuts from the National Cattleman’s Association. Interactive touch points to identify the beef cuts. These are all cuts form less tender areas of the steer and need to be braised ore marinaded in a tenderizing formula. Still they are trying.

From the Washington Post, a new way to review restaurants. I have mixed feelings on this type of thing. Yes it is nice to get a broad range of opinions from the general public and away from one powerful individual. But… Reviews can kill you and the general public may not have the true tools to fairly evaluate a dinning experience. There are also ways to pad your reviews by lobbying all your friends to write really good reviews. Can a food reviewer be bought? Sure, but it is more difficult then the padding effect. 

From Yahoo news, The French do the eating/ living thing the best. We wouldn’t want to be like the French though, would we? 

FDA’s new mobile lab for food safety. From USA TODAY,Go get them. Let us get the standard for safety back up to where it should be. This was just one industry that was reduced to nothing during the last administration. 

Have a great day and talk with you tomorrow.

Chef Max 4-4-09


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