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Wednesday Food News-New beef cuts, Comfort foods , and basic overview of coffee making.

Posted by chefmax on April 29, 2009

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Not a lot of food news today. I am working on some of te recipes I did the other night for the Tweet-up event. I should have them up today or tomorrow at the latest. Now on to the news.

From the NYT, New beef cuts, but they are from the same cow, just different names. It is all an effort to sell product. Give it a new name, make a good story, and there goes the sales. 

Comfort foods are looking like they are recession proof. From Chain Leader, a list of products that are still selling at the same pace as they did before the current economy hit. Consumers like to feel safer and closer to their past and foods can help do that. That is why comfort foods are so popular during tough times.

From the Chicago Tribune, a very basic overview of coffee making

Have a great day and come visit us at A Flash in the Pan.

Chef Max 4-28-09


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