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Friday Food News-Genome of milk cows, low fat diet, tart cherries are good for heart, New taxes on bottles and bags, first Celebrity Chefs, Fed stops Kellogg , and eating dried fruits helps reduce risk.

Posted by chefmax on April 24, 2009

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Happy Friday everyone! Here is todays food news;

Scientist have now mapped the Genome of milk cows. From Bloomberg, we can now make a better cow. Sounds like a very bad idea. Am I the only one who saw Jurassic Park?

Diets that are low in fat are the best for maintaining weight loss. From Reuters, and article comparing some of the current trend diets and a basic, sensible, balanced low fat diet

A new study has found that tart cherries are really good for your heart. From Progressive Grocer, a nice overview of the study even though it was a small sampling of participants in the study.

New taxes on bottles and bags are being introduced into Congress his week. From the NYTimes, an overview and reasoning for the tax bill. I feel this is a good idea and may help push me to remember my cloth bags I have at home. If you bring your own bags, you do not get taxed. If you recycle your bottle, you do not get taxed. Why would this be a problem? Why is it the only ones against the idea of Global Climate Change are the ones that think the rapture is coming in their lifetimes? I think we have a few more years ahead of our species if we take care of our home.

Some of the first Celebrity Chefs. From the LATIMES, an article about two early celebrities on the food scene.

Fed stops Kellogg from “Attentiveness” claim. From CSPI, the fact that they need to step in and stop a cereal company form claiming that their frosted cereal will improve a child’s attentiveness is disturbing. Sugar bomb processed food doesn’t focus the mind? I think they are eating too much of their own stash. 

A study funded by the California Raisin Marketing Board has found that eating dried fruits helps reduce risk of abdominal obesity. From Drug Store News, I do not even know where to start with this one. First, it is funded by a dried fruit marketing board (I do think dried fruits are good for you, but would they have released a negative finding?) Second, abdominal obesity? Only abdominal? Pretty targeted fruit.

Have a great Friday and talk to you Monday.

Chef Max 4-24-09


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