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Wednesday Food News-Win a trip to Napa, Soda-natural and Zen, all sugars are not equal, foods to avoid, royal hot sauce, Randall Grahm, and thePeoples gardens

Posted by chefmax on April 22, 2009


Napa valley dormant vine with the beautiful mustard plant

Napa valley dormant vine with the beautiful mustard plant

Win a trip to Napa at JBF, and help support this important foundation.

Looking for a great Mother’s Day Gift? How about a years worth of dinners? A Flash in the Pan has a great mothers day price and we will help make life easier while saving you money. 

Drinks that may help you achieve Zen. From King5. Maybe some yoga, time to think, lots of breathing…or….a can of zenerific soda. oh Nirvana here I come.

On the subject of drinks, Fanta is retooling their soda to become completely natural. 23% of foods launched last year were under the natrual umbrella. Hope they are really natural. From Foodnav. 

All sugars are NOT created equal. From Time, A good overview on a new report on how our bodies react to different sugars. 

Nine kids targeted foods to avoid, also from Time. Mostly based on sodium but it is a decent list of crap. Good tasting crap, but crap none the less. Loves me some fishy crackers though…

The royal hot sauce-Tabasco now has a royal Warrant of Appointment from the Queen. From NOLA

Going small in the wine industry. Randall Grahm inevator of Booney Doon Vinyard is reducing his footprint and going old world on the grape vines asses. From NYT, Grahm has sold off some of his biggest labels and is moving toward no irrigation farming. He has been a trendsetter in the industry for well over a decade so lets see who follows this time.

Peoples gardens in DC. Go Vilsak. From the Washington Post. 

Have a great Earthday!!

Chef Max 4-22-09


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