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Monday Food News-Green marketing, 12 restaurants that matter, BYOWines, Marinitas, twine, and Food miles.

Posted by chefmax on April 20, 2009

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From Adage, Green marketing is still going strong according to this article. I was also feeling that this segment would still go strong for a while. It is the “in” thing to do and the right thing to move towards. Most of these companies were planing this type of move before the economy hit its currant snag so I am sure they just decided to continue on that path. I know there are a lot of people out there that do not think that humans are the cause of the climate changing ( there is a lot, I mean A LOT of money spent to get the message out that we have nothing to do with the climate. Too many people fall for this bad science. I am sure the smog in LA has nothing to do with us either or the mercury in all the fish or increased cases of Autism and Cancer. Just because you do not like Al Gore, does not mean what he has said is not true. 

The top 12 restaurants that matter in the United States. From the Post Gazette and Saveur magazine. Slanted Door and Topolobampo are on the list. This is a good list but leaves off a couple very notable game changers. 

More restaurants offering BYOWines to lure in customers. From Dallas News, bring your own wine and they will not charge corkage. Just come eat, please…

A OK review for Marinitas– a Latino food restaurant owned by my friend Heidi Krahling in San Anselmo. You should go and make up your own mind. Heidi does a great job. From SFGATE.

Kitchen twine and its uses. From the Chicago Tribune. Not a bad overview on twine. You really are a foodie if you read this.

Knowing how far your food has travelled. From the Seattle Times, an article discussing the overall distance that food has to travel to get to your table. Pretty good overview and POV.

Have a great Monday,

Chef Max 4-20-09


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