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Friday Food News-inhaled chocolate,Gum Kondagogu, Thomas Keller’s philosophy, Tokyo top food city, Healthier sushi, Healthy ice cream

Posted by chefmax on April 10, 2009


Come on over to A Flash in the Pan to try our one of a kind timing feature. We have invented a feature that no one has that helps the home cook cook several recipes and have them come out at the same time. We do all the planing so you can do the cooking. 

Happy Good Friday!

Lewhif, the worlds first inhaled chocolate. The smallest amount of food possible in the shortest amount of time. Just chocolate air.

Gum Kondagogu? From Food Nav, what the heck is this?

Thomas Keller’s philosophy. From SFGATE, One of the Kings of the Culinary world speaks. We should listen.

Tokyo top food city for food lovers. From Reuters, its all about the ingredients and very talented Chefs. Never been but Tokyo is on my short list. Still never been to France and that is my number 1 target before anything else.

Healthier sushi. From the Telegraph, Black and Forbidden rice are great additions to the Sushi tool kit. Love Forbidden Rice.

Healthy ice cream? Yea, they are still trying. From Convenience Store News, Turkey Hill is making a duo cup with 18% fewer calories. 

After the last eight years of deregulation, our food supply has been in decline on safety, just like all the other agencies. From the NYTIMES, the FDA and CDC need to now claw back all the proper oversight of our food supply chain and again make it safe and healthy. By letting industry regulate itself, the industry has been allowed to squeeze every available cent out of production and food handling at the expense of ignoring safety standards that have been known to be extremely important. I am a capitalist but without a watchdog, capitalist will abuse the system.

Have a great weekend,

Chef Max 4-10-09

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