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Thursday Food News-Sweet drinks tax, big fat greek Easter feast, Food industry, Vietnamese sandwich, Farmers markets, and Reducing meat.

Posted by chefmax on April 9, 2009


I checked this morning and this blog is now #13 on the ALLTOP FOOD blog roll. Thank you all! We have moved up from 267 to 16 now to 13 in just three months. I will be adding recipes that are featured on our menusets coming very soon form A Flash in the Pan. Open for business, come check it out.

Happy Thursday everyone.

A very delicious Vietnamese sandwich is now street food in New York. From the NYT, I wish I had one of these right now. Yum.

The next unhealthy commodity taxed item in New York-Sweet drinks. From Reuters. Anything that can be unhealthy could be the best thing for public health since tobacco taxes. If you have to underwrite healthcare then the things that cause the issues should help pay for the use of them. Now on to coal and GM foods?

My big fat greek Easter feast. From the Washington Post. Cool little article. 

From the LATIMES, a spring Easter menu that sounds pretty good. And a second story from the LATIMES, on making old fashion Easter candy.

The Food industry; are they heading down the same path as the Tobacco industry? From Food Nav

It is getting closer for the Farmers markets to shift to spring items but what is there now. Here is a good blog of Chef Anne Somerville’s suggestions for a couple items in the market and how to use it. From EATDRINKBETTER, Chef Anne is very cool and has owned Greens Restaurant in San Francisco for the past 28 years.

Reducing meat in your diet. From, an article on individual and global health can be increased by just reducing the amount of meat eaten every day. Not giving up, but just reducing the amount. 

Gotta work on my recipes,

Have a great day,

Chef Max 4-9-09


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