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Wednesday Food News-Wine kegs, Laboratory for Chocolate Science, official soft drink the Yankees, Grant Achatz, chocolate milk, Great new Recipe site

Posted by chefmax on April 8, 2009

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Here are todays food stories.

Wine is now being offered to restaurants by the keg. From the NYT, a way to lower the price and keep the wine open for a longer time frame this is not a bad option. During this economy it is probably a good idea to move this direction. There is very little waste and you can price by the glass at a good target.

From, MIT has a Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Laboratory for Chocolate Science. Cooool. 

QSR– Pepsi is now the official soft drink for the New York Yankees. So for your $70 ticket (the average ticket price) you can now drink Pepsi co. products.

Chef Grant Achatz and his molecular gastronomy of a sweet potato pie. From the Chicago Tribune

From Confectionery“The drink rich in cocoa flavanols significantly improved aspects of cognitive performance and levels of fatigue during this mentally demanding task,” said Crystal Haskell at the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research centre at Northumbria university. Drink chocolate milk to get smarter. 

Have a great day,

Chef Max



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