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Posted by chefmax on April 7, 2009


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A Flash In The Pan announces Gluten-Free, Kid Friendly, and Quick & Healthy menu options


Napa, California- April 2009- A Flash In The Pan has re-launched their website to include menus for specific dietary needs including Gluten-Free, Kid Friendly, and Quick & Healthy plans.  The company offers recipes, chef-created menus, time-saving tools and shopping lists for the home cook.

Originally launched in 2006 with Anything Goes and No Red Meat menu options, the company soon realized their web-based service had much more to offer. 


“Many of our users were requesting specific recipes to assist with their dietary needs.  We were happy to listen and provide a useful service for them, while keeping in mind that the recipes must always be delicious!” said Nancy Duley, co-founder of A Flash In The Pan.


“We have family members with diabetes and gluten intolerance so we are very familiar with how the correct foods can make such a difference in health,” said Max Duley, co-founder.


Through their proprietary web-based software platform, A Flash In The Pan generates delicious and nutritious recipes complete with shopping lists and their exclusive Cooksheet™, which coordinates preparation for all a meal’s recipes to assure that everything is ready to eat at the same time.  Meals may be customized for number of servings, individual tastes and preferences, and ingredients already on hand.  With A Flash In The Pan, everyone can have his or her own personal chef and dietician right at home!


A Flash In The Pan offers a free membership with limited functionality or a paid membership with full functionality to customize the menus and shopping lists.  Membership rates vary from $14.95 a month to $120 for a full year.  Gift subscriptions are also available. 


Coming soon, the company will offer Diabetes menus and nutritional information.


About A Flash in the Pan

Founded by two professional chefs with a passion for great food, A Flash In The Pan aims to help the home cook save time, money and effort while providing delicious recipes and unique, time-saving tools.  They donate a total of 10% of their profits to autism, celiac disease, and diabetes foundations. 

For more information, visit their website at




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Tuesday Food News-A Flash in the Pan Launch’s, Monsanto, liquorice cancer fighter, birth of beer, High fructose corn syrup, gluten free pastas, and a very impressive list of Food co-ops, Health food stores, Natural Food stores.

Posted by chefmax on April 7, 2009



Come visit A Flash in the Pan to save Time, Money and Cook delicious meals.

From Mercola, High fructose corn syrup is making us very unhealthy. No kidding…

The birth of beer? From the WSJ, Lambic from Brussels may be the missing link of beer making and is an art that is disappearing.

Monsanto‘s roundup is proved to be a human cell killer even at very low levels of exposure. From Mercola, bad news, but the good news is there is a lot of it all over our GM foods. Wait, thats bad news too. EAT LOCAL and IN SEASON. Cut out HFCS products. 

Simplicity is the newest sells tact for food companies. From the Washington Post, Only simple ingredients and no frills are the ad companies suggestions these days for a population that is looking to simplify and needs comfort. 

From Confectioneryliquorice could potentially play in preventing bowel cancer. It is also an aphrodisiac so its win-win. 

Food Navigator has an article on the newest gluten free pastas that are being developed in Italy. Good heads up for what is to come.

Here is a cool list of 1630 Food co-ops, Health food stores, Natural Food stores from

Have a great day and let me know if you ever have any questions.

Chef Max 4-7-09

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