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Tuesday Food News-Find A Farmer, Nopalito, Green tea good for teeth, Soft drink sales decline, meat and climate change, Feel good food

Posted by chefmax on March 31, 2009

Max Class

This picture was from a little cooking class I did a litle while back. It is always fun to teach cooking to people who really want to learn. 

I did not even cut myself this time. 

Now for todays food news.

A great regional Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. From SFGATE, Nopalito is setting the standard in the Bay Area for wonderful Mexican cuisine. Good review from MB.

From Food Nav, the debate over meat and climate change is starting to heat up.

Soft drink sales are continuing to decline. From AdAge, This is a good outcome of the current economy. If we all go back to eating and drinking better it is cheaper overall and much, much healthier. Soda is empty in every aspect. 

Green tea may be linked to tooth health. From World Tea, an article that overviews a published report form the Journal of Periodontology.

Feel good food is starting to pick up in sales. When they say feel good, they mean junk food and things that make you laugh, not healthy items that would make you feel good. From USA TODAY

From the NYTIMES, The new Find A Farmer website link. Cool.

We have soft launched our new site as of today. I will make a big announcement on Monday but for now if you want to check it out it is at

A Flash in the Pan.

Have a great day,

Chef Max


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