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Wednesday Food News-Dave Murphy, iphone app for farmers market, new products despite economy, firebrick pizza flavor in your own kitchen, Omega 3 and vegetarian diet may be cancer fighters, leftover wine-it could happen…

Posted by chefmax on March 25, 2009

Buddha’s Hand from the 2004 Worlds of Flavor conference. For more of my food related pictures please visit my Flicker account.

Originally uploaded by Chefmax

The above picture was taken at the CIA event a few years ago. These are great events if you have never been. I have three years worth of pictures on my flicker account if you care to see what happens. I am planning on bloging about the past years events as soon as I finish launching my recipe website A Flash in the Pan. It looks like Monday at this point. Sigh.

Now onto todays culinary news finds.

Lots on new products being rolled out despite economy. From the New York Times, several companies are releaseing and advertising multiple new products even though the economy as hit the current road block. This capitalistic outlook is a good thing and is why the US will rebound from our money doldrums. 

New study of Omega 3 show promising sigs of helping against prostate cancer. From Healthday. Just watch out for the mercury poisoning. 

A vegetarian diet may help to protect against cancer, a UK study suggests. From the BBC

Dave Murphy-Food advicate in Iowa. Keep it going Dave. Great job!!! From Washington Post

What to do with leftover wine. It could happen.. From the Washington Post. Two-fer today from the WP, good job guys. 

Homemade Pizza parlor. From the LATIMES, a very creative way to get that firebrick pizza flavor in your own kitchen. Good video.

Cool iphone app for farmers marketIn-Season Food App for Locavores’ iPhones From treehugger

Have a great day, I am going to work in my garden.

Chef Max 3-25-09

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