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Tuesday Food News- Mcwrap, obesity rates, Joel Robuchon, White House going green, Dilbert’s restaurant.

Posted by chefmax on March 24, 2009


It’s Tuesday and everything seems to be going a little slower today. Still I am #16 on ALLTOP Food

Form AdAge, McD’s is testing a big Mcwrap… Great, obesity meets the early 90’s fad. 

Also on the fast food front, Student obesity rates linked to how close they are to fast food places. From the LAtimes

Joel Robuchon creating a new spring menu for his Las Vegas restaurant. This is a good article but it kinda of feels like Chef Robuchon is just moving around the deck chairs. Will there be customers this spring? Per Se in Manhattan is now offering an a la carte menu to pull in customers. From The Wall Street Journal.

From ChicagoTribune, the White House is changing the cups for hot beverages and getting rid of the plastic water bottles. Walk the walk, every bit helps. Vegetable gardens, and no torture. 

Dilbert’s restaurant. From I need to go, but is catbert in the kitchen? His principles for the staff are:

The principles I tried to establish with the staff early on, that seemed to have stuck, include these:

  1. Have fun. Loosen up.
  2. Try something new. Often. Keep whatever works.
  3. No penalty for a new idea failing. Trying is the thing.
  4. Employees are more important than customers.
  5. Stop asking Scott for approval. Just do it.
  6. Managers get to see the financials.
  7. Being a jerk to coworkers is grounds for termination.
  8. Do whatever seems smart and fair to make customers happy.
  9. Watch the competition closely and borrow their best ideas.

From Scott Adams.

Honk if you love Soylent Green and have a super day.

Chef Max 3-24-09


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