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Wednesday Food News- CRU- Psychics, lazy cooks, Too many Chefs, More chocolate,Lard is back, and almost perfect chicken.

Posted by chefmax on March 18, 2009


Wednesday Food News

Culinary Roundup-CRU

Products for lazy cooks. From The Guardian, all kinds of time/ energy saving products for the home cook. Energy efficient? 

More chocolate in restaurants. From QSR, a story that is kinda a no brainer. Add more chocolate to your menus restaurants. Chocolate sales!!!

Too many Chefs in New York. From the New York Times, this story is about the glut of high talent Chefs in New York City and the changing cooking environment. They say this may be the next bubble to burst. Good thing I am a Chef…

From the Arizona Republic, all you need are Psychics and a good happy hour to save your restaurant.

Lard is back, and it is a crowd pleaser. From The Wall Street Journal Magazine. You can buy it through the mail.

The almost perfect chicken. From The Washington Post. Thomas Keller roasted chicken. 

Have a great day,

Chef Max 3-18-09


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