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Tuesday Food News- CRU- betafiber, gourmet dog food, food labeling, Green, cooking at home, and Flavor or Fat

Posted by chefmax on March 17, 2009


Napa Valley in January

Napa Valley in January

Tuesday’s Culinary Round up.

Cargill’s Barliv barley betafiber-The next big thing? From AP News

Tyson Foods are making a gourmet dog food. From The Wall Street Journal

Two different stories about food labeling. The first from MSNBC, is about the start of the new food labeling law taking effect. The second is from Health Day, that says that 2% of food labels contain allergens but do not list them on the label.

Customers are still looking to go Green despite the economy. From Times Online. This is good news that we will not give up the protection of the earth to get cheaper items. The short term gains are long term losers. 

More and more people are cooking at home but is it more healthy. From The New York TImes, Looks like they need a service like A Flash in the Pan

Flavor or Fat? From ABCNEWS, Moderation and balance are the keys to flavor and health.


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