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Monday Food News-Food safety, Mushrooms and green tea, the right to good food, rating package foods, can’t live without tools, and using the checkout technology for recalls.

Posted by chefmax on March 16, 2009

alltop-badge1Happy Monday and welcome to todays Culinary Roundup.

Should good food be a right? Alice Waters thinks so. From CBS News. I do think she is right, especially  if our tax dollars are underwriting the corporate food structure. 

A cool rating site that is a database for rating package foods. From SFGATE, They have an iPhone app that is very helpful.

Rising star Chefs in SF and what they can not live without in the kitchen. From SFGATE

Food safety with our President. From The Washington Post. The cleanup continues for the new President, or as Rachel Maddow say’s “wash, rinse, repeat.” Good start.

Mushrooms and green tea may lower breast cancer. From Reuters

Using the checkout technology to help with recalls. From LATIMES, this seems like it should already be in place. Why are they only thinking of this now? At least they are now thinking about doing it…

Hope you have a great week,

Chef Max 3-16-09


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