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Friday Food News-food safety, Cooking classes, living on food stamps,

Posted by chefmax on March 16, 2009

fip_logo_hiresYou can see te new site by the end of today and we will offically launch by next week.

Sorry for the interruption the last couple of days. I have been in San Diego at a POST meeting. I was asked to be on this board to help develop a video for first responders ( Police, Sheriff, CHP, EMT, and Fire) to help them identify and have the information on how to deal with individuals with Autism. There are a lot of really good people involved and a great participation with these first responders. Also, A Flash in the Pan is soft launching today and we still have a few tweaks that we will be fixing over the next few days. I will officially launch by the end of next week.

Without further delay, todays food news.

Bipartisan support for food safety. Finally. From NYTIME.

Cooking classes as a substitute for going out to eat. This is a good idea since I teach classes. Love this idea. From WashingtonPost. Did I mention I teach culinary classes?

This is a good article about living on the food stamp program and how to survive on $67 a week. From the LATIMES. This information is good for everyone and I like the point of having your own garden.

Chef Max 3-13-09


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