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Wednesday Food news-Land o’ Lakes waive my taxes, Salt-A big problem in the US diet, Cult Wines cheap, regulating our foods, and a very yummy way to cook fish.

Posted by chefmax on March 5, 2009

fip_logo_hiresGetting closer to launching Phase 2… It looks like Monday the 9th. 



Wednesday Culinary Round up- CRU- Food news


Land o’ Lakes expansion deal is looking for their $35 million property tax to be waived. Me too. From Visalia Times. Who ever thinks that U.S. company’s pay the highest taxes in the world do not understand anything about how the tax structure is really set up or they are trying to deceive you. 

Salt is next up on the regulation docket. Form the a report that nutritionist are looking to get  better regulatory control over salt in processed and restaurant food. They are suggesting go as far as a tax on “bad” food. Here is a dIrect paragraph from the report written by Louisa Kasdon.”Willett tells executives from Panera Bread Company, Applebee’s, McDonald’s, and others, “An unregulated market is doing to human health what it has done to the US economy.” DOES THAT GET YOUR ATTENTION? Also, on another note I used to teach classes in the room that Dr. Willett is giving this lecture in. Yea, I know , I’m cool. 

Cult Wines cheap– From the LATIMES, They do not say it in this article, but he is talking about Screaming Eagle at $600/ bot. Over priced at that amount but beter then the $1200/ bot that I have heard in the past. The wine was good but I have had just as good form there Napa wineries. I had Screaming Eagle on enight when I was working for Joe Montana at his house and he gave me a small glass. That was worth $1200 to have that glass of wine with Joe, but by itself…Thank you Mr. Montana.

From the Washpost, another story of regulating our foods to keep us from eating ourselves into extinction. Between fast food and the Britney Spears culture can Darwinism speed up? 

A great way to cook fish and shellfish. I cook my lobster this way for my mac and cheese dish. Ohhh, mac and cheese. From NYT.

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Chef Max 3-4-09


2 Responses to “Wednesday Food news-Land o’ Lakes waive my taxes, Salt-A big problem in the US diet, Cult Wines cheap, regulating our foods, and a very yummy way to cook fish.”

  1. LeifheitUSA said

    Looking forward to the launch on Monday!

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