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Thursday CRU-Trans Fat, Exercise, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Sweeteners, Cool idea, and Future Food

Posted by chefmax on February 19, 2009

Thursday CRU( Culinary Round Up)

Confusion on Trans Fat. A story from Reuters Feb. 17. Fast read and gives you a small amount of good info for trans fat. Only 21 percent of people asked could name three items containing trans fats. This study was from 2007 so we may be smarter by now. Really, we might be.

Exercise but do not reward yourself for it. Study in the USATODAY states that we may overestimate the amount of calories you bur and then consume extra calories because you think you deserve it. 30 minutes on the elliptical lets me have only around 300 calories. So much harder taking them off then putting them on. I wonder how many calories I am burning reading about burning calories.

Artificial Sweeteners– Good or Bad. This article out of the WashingtonPost covers some of the older and newer artificial sweeteners. I always feel that the closer to the way it is suppose to be the better our bodies use it. We do not know the long term effects of alot of this stuff and they have become ubiquitous within our food supply.

Cool Philippines hot chocolate. From Asia one travel, chocolate de batir. I wonder if I can use my molinillo.

Cool idea by line cook Myint in the Mission district. I think we will see a lot more of this type of creative cooking and venues as the economy does the voodoo that it is doing. From SFGATE

Future Food, from CNN HEALTH, Designed around the vitamins and minerals that you need personally. Kind of like tailor-made dinner. 

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Chef Max 2-19-09


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