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Monday CRU (Culinary Roundup)-Dairy intake, fake foie gras contest, Ferran Adria, the best duck, and chocolate olives?

Posted by chefmax on February 16, 2009

Monday CRU (Culinary Roundup) Happy Presidents Day.  Cold and rainy here is NorCal. Nothing to have to shovel though.

We are 1 week from launch of our 2nd phase for A Flash in the  Getting to be crunch time but exciting.

Today lets start with 

From the Fort Scott Tribune, There is a new study that teens that have at least three servings of dairy a day have a lower body mass index and less body fat. This may have more to do with a balanced diet then just the dairy issue. Cheese alone has a lot of calories per portion.

A fake fois gras contest from PETA- From the Sidney Morning Herald, PETA is offering $15,000 to the chef who can come up with the best vegetarian substitute for  foie gras.  Go for it you guys. This is better than throwing paint. 

On the same note but different, Ferran Adria from Spain has developed a powdered version of  foie gras and is displaying his newest idea, a machine that produces caviar style spheres filled with olive oil. The article also talks to a few chefs that are not sure what Adria is doing is leading us to safer restaurants. I got to make foie gras cotton candy with Ferran one year and it was pretty cool. Not earth shattering but creative. It was the buzz of the conference. This story is from Taiwan News

Aylesbuy Duck is one of the best. From the Telegraph. 

Chocolate truffles that look like olives for you martini or coffee. From NBC Augusta

As always, if you have any food questions please let me know. 

Chef Max 2-16-09


4 Responses to “Monday CRU (Culinary Roundup)-Dairy intake, fake foie gras contest, Ferran Adria, the best duck, and chocolate olives?”

  1. I see you also subscribe to too. 🙂 I love that website.

    • chefmax said

      I do get it but I also get every food section for major newspapers each morning. Lot’s of info. I worked for the CIA for 5 years at Greystone and I am also an Alumni and worked on the beginning of the Pro Chef class. The brief is a good one and does alert me to stories I might have missed, but there are lots of repeats.
      Thanks for following.
      Chef Max

  2. Jana said

    I question the study on the correlation between dairy intake and BMI. Every study that I have seen in the past, that showed that higher dairy consumptions was related to a lower BMI (I don’t know about this one), has been funded by some sort group that pushed dairy. While I believe that dairy consumption is part of a healthy diet, there just seem to be too many hands in the research process these days, and you can’t bite the hand that funds you. I’ve seen studies from other organizations that demonstrated the exact opposite (higher BMI for more dairy consumed). I can’t remember what the other organizations were, so I can’t say whether they had an agenda of their own. I don’t have a problem with dairy, but I just wish that we could get straight information without worrying about who funded a study or what their agenda might be. Articles like this can be really misleading and as a consumer, I am frustrated.

    Thanks Chef Max, I’ve seen a lot of great articles on your blog.

    • chefmax said

      I fully agree with you. The article did not really jive with me either. This whole thing is always follow the money and if we as consumers do not do extra homework, we really do not get the whole story. This was one of the reasons I started this blog, to really get the conversation going and help root out the full story. I do try to get more info on each of these studies but sometimes it is days later.
      Thank you for your comments and adding to the conversation.
      Chef Max

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