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Friday CRU-(Culinary Round Up) Probiotics, GMO, Purple stuff, and faster ice cream.

Posted by chefmax on February 13, 2009

Not a lot of real news. Everyone is focused on the stimulas to see whart they will have to do with thier companies.

This Saturday is Valentines Day. It is about our love ones. Wives, Husbands, girl or boyfriends or family and friends. Take time and focuse of the people who mean the most to you and on Monday we roll up our sleves and get to work.

Enjoy your Valetines Day and see you Monday.

Chef Max 2-13-09

Probiotic Dairy markets to grow in US. From Beverage world, I hope they have did more studies on this then they did with growth hormones. 

France is retaining their ban on GMO maize until sufficient studies take place. From the AFP. Studies before acceptance? There is a concept. But it is the French. Does this mean we will have to call it freedom corn? For a more complete picture of GMO corn and Monsanto I recommend “Seeds of Deception” by Jeffrey M. Smith. 

Purple Stuff the anti Red bull? Now we need a drink to calm us down?

Baskin-Robbins even faster. From Restaurant News.If only they could take off the fat faster.


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