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Monday Culinary round-up-Chocolate cake, chocolate bark, hot chocolate, chocolate soufflés, and a few trends for 2009, and a martini or two. You had me at chocolate…

Posted by chefmax on February 9, 2009

German Chocolate Cake –JSONLINE – with a touch of a southern draw. German chocolate cake is not German?

Dark Chocolate cherry bark- From the Oregonian  

Hot Chocolate with coconut milk instead of dairy from The New York Times I think I am going to try this one today. It sounds interesting.

Chocolate soufflés -again from the New York Times a twofer today, way too go NYT. Don’t be afraid to try these. Soufflés are a crowd stopper and are not that hard to make. Whipping, folding, and timing are the secrets. Yea, I hear ya, just try it.

Trends from Media post news  -Ethnic foods (all food is somehow ethnic, I have always been bugged by this term in food. I am seeking council.) This article also talks about the decline in organic foods based on budgets. Also, health concerns over ingredients. HFCS watch out. (Watch King Corn if you want to see what is happening with our corn industry.)

Martini anyone? From the Washington Post. Going back to the originals.


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