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Our New Logo

Posted by chefmax on February 5, 2009

fip_logo_hiresThis is our new logo. What do you think?

We launch soon…

Chef Max


2 Responses to “Our New Logo”

  1. Lea Ann said

    Figuratively, I think you might think about the meaning behind the colloquialism of “flash in the pan” and perhaps add “more than a” or “not just a” to the beginning of the name to give your logo/name a more positive spin. (Flash in the Pan refers to being here today and gone tomorrow)

    Visually, I think your kerning needs work, but the skillet illustration is lovely.

    • chefmax said

      Hi Lea Ann and thank you for your response. I had a hard time with the name at the beginning too but it grew on me over time. What helped me get past my skepticism was the amount of positive feedback we got for hundreds of people we tested this out on. The biggest push back was mainly generational but the vast majority thought it was “playful” and “very memorable”. The positive reaction vastly outweighed the negative reactions 20 to 1. We also felt that it gave the press and anyone writing about us a chance to riff off the name like you suggest. We hope to effect the way people think about this phrase in the future. We started this almost 4 years ago and have had a lot of feedback which has been great.
      As for the kerning, this design was developed by Level ( they designed the French Laundry Cookbook and all Thomas Kellers other books along with Bouchon Restaurants menu, Jeffery Alford/ Naomi Duguid’s cookbook “Seduction of Rice” and several others). We went through several mock ups and this was the style that got the most votes. It was designed to play-up the Flash and Pan wording and give the message of “fast, easy, cooking”.
      I am not arguing against your feedback, just want to let you know how we got here.
      Thank you for you valuable input and thanks for coming to my blog.
      Chef Max 2-6-09

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