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Culinary Questions

Posted by chefmax on January 31, 2009

If you ever have a culinary question, please feel free to ask.

I taught at the west coast campus of the Culinary Institute of America and have worked in this industry for over 24 years.

I will start posting a recipe a few times a week and posting industry news to fill in the spaces. I know there are other food sites out there so I am trying  to not overdo the recipe side of this. If there is something you are looking for though please feel free to ask.

We are launching the 2nd phase of our popular recipe site the first week of February and I will keep you all informed. Up until now it has only been availibel to our closest friends and associates. This is a short post today but Monday I will start off with a more full post. Thanks for following.

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2 Responses to “Culinary Questions”

  1. jenna said

    I want to know why it takes brown rice forever to cook when cooked with chicken in the oven, covered (no salt before cooking). Is it the protein? Fat? This is a mystery to me! Where is alton brown when you need him?

    • chefmax said

      Brown rice always takes longer than white rice no mater what method of cooking., Because it retains most of the hull and the germ, brown rice can take up to 45 minutes to cook. When you put it into a chicken as a stuffing it can take even longer to heat up and cook. The cavity will be the last area of the chicken to get to temperature and thus take even longer to cook compared to the outer meat. Salt, protein and fat have nothing to do with it. I always cook the rice ahead of time before stuffing the chicken with it. The rice then only needs to get to 150 degrees to be safe but it is cooked already and it will get the benefit of the chicken juices while it is cooking. Be careful because if it does not get hot enough it can get you sick. Allot of recipes will also use instant brown rice but this will reduce its nutritional value. Does this answer you question Jenna?

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